Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion

At Upland, we believe in preparing our students to thrive in a diverse and multicultural society. We believe education can be a force for positive change. And we believe in Martin Luther King, Jr.’s vision of “the Beloved Community”—one in which understanding and good will make their full transformative power felt in the world. As a school community we are working together to put these beliefs into action.
At the center of our effort is a faculty initiative called A.A.I.R.—Alliance for Anti-Racism, Inclusion and Revolution. Its aim is to help lead efforts across the school focused on promoting diversity, equity and inclusion; dismantling barriers that stand in the way of social justice; and equipping students with the tools they need to be culturally competent citizens.
The idea behind A.A.I.R. is that embracing diversity means more than focusing on the demography of our school community. It means taking a stand, taking action—and preparing our students to do the same. The group’s work is in its early stages, but soon A.A.I.R. will have an impact in several ways:

  • As a resource center for Upland educators as they work to enrich curricula
  • In helping amplify Hispanic Heritage and Black Lives Inspire events
  • In supporting professional development related to teaching for tolerance
  • In promoting diversity in the school’s hiring and enrollment goals and practices
  • In updating school traditions to ensure inclusiveness
Alliance for Anti-Racism, Inclusion and Revolution
Alliance—We share these principles as a community.
Anti-Racism—We pledge to act against systems of oppression.
Inclusion—We support all who strive for equity and justice.
Revolution—We commit to a transformation process rooted in the core values of Upland.

A Faculty Driven Initiative

A.A.I.R. is a faculty initiative, but its members are eager to include parents, trustees, students, and alumni in their work.
“This is about more than race. It’s about understanding all the many differences in our beliefs, backgrounds and perspective that we bring into the classroom and the school community.”
-Heather Cooper, English teacher
“Working in age-appropriate ways, we aim to equip Upland students with the curiosity and courage to promote justice and fairness in our society.”
-Liam Gallagher, Director of Innovation & Community Engagement
“These goals have been woven through the learning process at Upland for a long time. Our goal now is to be more intentional and explicit and make our commitment really sustained and successful.”
-Emily Neilson '04, Director of Advancement