Diversity & Inclusion


Upland Country Day School welcomes students, faculty, and staff of any race, religion, color, gender identity, or nationality. The school does not discriminate in its administrative policies or in the administration of its programs.

The School recognizes the diversity of traditions and religious beliefs that make up the community and celebrates them through assemblies, presentations, research projects, songs, prayers, and stories throughout the school year.

In order to fulfill our mission, we will make a continuous effort to become:

  • A diverse school community whose board members, staff and students feel secure sharing their family traditions, values, and history with others. (Trust)
  • Service oriented citizens who reach out to neighbors of all cultures through community partnerships. (Understanding)
  • Authentic individuals who protect the uniqueness of self and others as we work toward justice and celebrate human dignity. (Responsibility)

Equity and Inclusion

Upland Country Day School, in keeping with our values on diversity, equity, and inclusion, is committed to providing an educational environment that is safe, supportive, and nondiscriminatory for all students regardless of gender or gender identity. The School will address the specific needs of students questioning their gender identity, students identifying across a range of gender expressions and transgender students to ensure we continue to provide a safe and nurturing school for all. Students will be supported according to their gender identity, including access to gender-specific programs and facilities.