Upland Online

Upland Online Embraces The Philosophy of the 5 A’s Academics, Arts, Athletics, Attitude, and "All of Us"

We pledge to confront this moment and design a distance learning plan that provides the support students and parents need to create a meaningful, joyful and productive learning environment at home. 

Upland Online will maintain the academic quality and special sense of community that defines Upland Country Day during these uncharted times. 

We intend this to be a living document that is informed by practice, feedback, and experience. Please refer back to this site periodically as Upland Online progresses.   

What is Upland Online?

Distance learning requires a unique partnership between the school and families. Flexibility, creativity, problem-solving, and communication are critical to a successful experience. The faculty, staff and administration accept and recognize the following challenges that exist as we design and deliver the Upland Online distance learning plan. Please know we recognize that:

  • Many parents work from home.
  • Various schedules and access to technology, among adults and children in a household, exist.
  • Family responsibilities may include potential caretaking of sick or dependent family members.
  • Illness may impact a student or teacher’s ability to meet digital responsibilities; we will provide the appropriate support and flexibility in any such cases.
  • Structure is important, but each home learning environment is different. Expectations need to be flexible. 
  • Mistakes and surprises will happen - and we’re in it together. Have fun! 

Upland Online - Academics

Upland Online - Arts

Performing & Visual Arts

Artistic and creative expression can provide a wonderful outlet for the mind, spirit, and soul! Art and Music course work, in both the Lower and Upper Schools, will be project-based.  The details outlining the work will be posted on Monday, and each project will take no more than 1-hour to complete. For Kindergarten to Grade 4, the details will be communicated to parents.  Grade 5 students will receive details via email. Upper School students can locate the details on the myUCDS course sites.

Kleberg IDEA Center

Mr. Gallagher will be providing a host of enrichment projects that will be outlined in a weekly newsletter entitled, "At Home in the IDEA Center". These will be optional for those students interested in engaging in creative, fun, family-friendly and service-oriented projects during Upland Online. For an extra incentive, Spirit Points will be awarded for students who complete the projects and share them with Mr. Gallagher. Our creativity can bring us together! 

Upland Online - Athletics

Athletics for Lower and Upper School students will continue to be an extension of the classroom, teaching meaningful life-long lessons and celebrating the importance of physical wellness, even when the classroom is online. Each week, students and parents will be provided with an age-appropriate menu of ideas from which to choose in order to maintain students’ physical activity and well-being during the online school day. We embrace the unique opportunity presented by Upland Online to strengthen the Upland values of wellness, character, and the team!

Communications will come from the Director of Athletics, Emily Neilson (eneilson@uplandcds.org)

Athletic Department social media accounts: @UplandSports on Instagram/Twitter

Upland Online - Attitude

Learning from home may inherently have a less formal feel than when students are in school. School rules and policies are in effect during this period - especially regarding acceptable use of technology -  and students who are found to be in violation may face consequences. In particular, please attend to the following:

Students need not be in school dress code for online meetings, but should maintain an appearance that is appropriate and respectful and not contain inappropriate images or words, much like Tag Days. In addition, a student’s location during an online meeting should not contain inappropriate items or imagery in view.

Code of Conduct
Students should not use Upland Online platforms inappropriately. Zoom or Google Meet gatherings are for school use only and should not be accessed, shared or utilized without teacher presence, nor should students record sessions or capture imagery (screen shots) without explicit permission from the teacher. 

Academic Honesty 
During the period of distance learning, students will be “on their honor” for the completion of most assignments and assessments. Unless otherwise permitted or noted, students should not be collaborating on school work. Remember and employ Upland’s Honor Code: “I have neither given nor received help on this assignment”.

Acts of Kindness and Service
This period away from school, while in many ways strange and isolating, can still provide opportunities for kindness, courage, and service. We encourage students to take videos or images of you doing good things - helping a younger sibling with schoolwork, helping your parents around the house, picking up litter, etc. 


The Fifth A - "All of Us"

Maintaining Community
We will continue with our Monday and Friday assemblies and look to create additional online gatherings for fun or inspiration. We will gather samples of outstanding and creative: school projects or assignments, artistic expression, physical fitness, ideas for having fun at home, and more. 

Student/Family Health and Well-Being
This can be an unsettling time for students given the uncertainties surrounding the virus itself as well as the simple idea of kids being separated from their friends. Angela Somers, our School Counselor, can provide resources on managing stress and anxiety. She will be available for direct contact as needed (asomers@uplandcds.org). 

As when we are in school, we ask to be kept apprised of any students who are experiencing illnesses. If you or your child tests positive for COVID-19, or any other illnesses that impact the ability to complete schoolwork, we ask that you inform school nurse, Rosa Moore (rmoore@uplandcds.org) and your Division Head. We are here to support you.

Event Updates

  • Alumni Reunion Black and Gold Soiree (5/16) - Rescheduled for Spring 2021
  • Class Day Details TBA
  • Graduation Details TBA

Campus Access

In an effort to maintain social distancing guidelines, please do not access campus during the remote learning period. However, if you need to come to school to retrieve any resources or supplies, please contact your Division Head or the Head of School to make arrangements. 

Grandparents' & Special Friends' Day

For questions related to the academic program, please contact your division head, advisor or teacher.
If you are experiencing any technological issues, please contact remotesupport@uplandcds.org.


This Is What Upland Online Looks Like

Imaginative Play

Creative Classrooms

IDEA Center At Home

Daily Check-Ins

Time Outside

Students complete and share projects At Home in The IDEA Center to rack up points for their spirit teams.  Check back every Friday afternoon to see who's in the lead! Go Black! Go Gold! Go Upland!