The BeeSchool Preschool Renovation

Improving our hive for early childhood education

Recognize this building? Perhaps you knew it as the Multi-purpose Center, the Computer Lab, or the Cobbler's Knoll? Soon it will be the new home of the BeeSchool Preschool!

We need your help to unlock the $50,000 Crestlea Foundation Grant & to cross the finish line TOGETHER!

Project History
In the fall of 2018, Upland opened the BeeSchool Preschool to serve three-year-old students and to support enrollment growth and sustainability. Since that opening, the program has grown from six students that first year, to 30 in the 2021-22 school year. Plans to renovate accelerated as the program flourished, and as the facility no longer served its students due to constraints and fundamental disrepair. 
This construction project is more than about upgrading a building: it’s about providing a permanent facility for a premier learning program that represents early education to families in our community. 
It’s about providing an Upland education earlier. It’s about sustaining education for all. 

Our Vision

The renovation and redesign of the BeeSchool Preschool will offer a space to reflect the philosophy and quality of our program, which fundamentally addresses the well-being of the whole child. 

Our Mission

Only with your support can Upland do its work to inspire young learners!
For more information on this exciting initiative or details on how to give, please contact the Director of Advancement Emily Neilson | 610.444.2082