Upland is committed to providing a variety of meaningful community service opportunities for our students.
Our commitment is based on the belief that we all have a responsibility to look beyond ourselves and to reach out to others. It's part of our fourth A - Attitude. Through community service and global involvement, students learn new skills, assume responsibilities, develop empathy and become aware of the needs of others. Community service links students to the wider community, exposes them to people and situations outside their experiences, and helps prepare them to take a productive role in society.

Children at Upland learn about the value of community service as early as Pre-Kindergarten when they begin practicing random acts of kindness on campus. Kindergartners bake dog biscuits for the West Chester SPCA. First graders get involved with Meals on Wheels. Second graders reach out to troops in Kandahar, Afghanistan or people impacted by the earthquake in Haiti. With each grade level, involvement with community and global organizations grow until students incorporate service into their daily lives.

Upland also has multiple curriculum supporting partnerships and connections to the plentiful local resources in our region. Students regularly partner with and visit these organizations to support and experience real world connections to their learning.

a recent Upland grad

Upland has made me aware that I am part of a larger global community... that one person can make a difference in her world.