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Athletics at Upland

Ask any former Upland athlete the significance of wearing Black and Gold and they will regale you with stories of last minute goals and huge saves, of thrilling wins at home or far away, of tournaments and of trips to Finland, and – perhaps most importantly – of their first games and of their last ones.

That is because the Upland Athletic Program honors the positive role that playing sports has on a young person’s development, and philosophically our core values remain the same on the field and ice as in the classroom: learn to learn, push boundaries, solve problems, innovate, compete, strive for excellence, celebrate camaraderie, find joy, lead with purpose, and create character along the way. Our objectives of coaching and teaching are truly identical as we aspire to provide players with the skills and attitude that will last a lifetime.

Ice Hockey at Upland

Taking advantage of our sprawling 23 acre campus in southeastern PA, Upland athletes are equipped with top-notch facilities, including the John M. Cleveland Ice Rink. Upland’s Athletic Program affords players the opportunity to test their physical and mental limits, and we believe that physical courage is often a template for all kinds of courage. Paramount to the success of our Athletic program and our school’s mission are to compete with grace and good manners under any circumstance, to practice self-control and positive leadership, and to demonstrate respect for others. Within the context of the Four A’s (Academics, Arts, Athletics, and Attitude) our Athletic Program supports each student’s emotional, social, moral and physical growth within a caring and nurturing environment.
When you wear the Upland jersey, you will wear it for life.

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  • Upland Athletic Traditions

    Upland has many long-standing athletic traditions. For over 45 years, Varsity teams have traveled to tournaments, played in foreign countries, hosted teams and players in their homes, all the while forging friendships and memories to last a lifetime. Since 1978, 8th and 9th grade boys and girls have traveled to Finland to see – and to play – more of the world. Our school has a legacy and vision of what athletics and healthy competition can do to promote cross-cultural relationships and perspectives.
  • The Spirit Competition

    Upland upholds the spirit of competition, the highest standards of sportsmanship, and the belief that each of its players can and will contribute something vital and valuable to their teams. Our coaches help young athletes develop, challenge, and refine their skill set and game sense to prepare them for play at the secondary level. Upland athletes also practice life skills by working with teammates, finding and fulfilling a role on a team, and developing a sense of responsibility and commitment. At Upland, coaches are teachers first; therefore, our objectives of coaching and teaching are identical.


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  • The John M. Cleveland Ice Hockey Rink

    619 Byrd Road
    Kennett Square, PA 19348
  • Upper Fields

    Varsity Soccer, Field Hockey, Lacrosse
    420 West Street Road
    Kennett Square, PA 19348
  • Lower Fields

    JV Soccer, Field Hockey and Lacrosse
    619 Byrd Road
    Kennett Square, PA 19348
  • "The Barn" Gymnasium

    420 West Street Road
    Kennett Square, PA 19348