Visual Arts

Upland students experience the full creative process, going from a blank slate to a finished work of art, using a variety of materials and techniques.
The Visual Arts encompasses both 2-D and 3-D arts. Students paint and draw in various mediums, and make collages and prints. They also work with clay on the potter's wheel and in hand building sculpture. They complete projects in origami, bookbinding, stained glass, mosaics and more. Because so much of our work at Upland is collaborative, Visual Art students also work on the set design and construction for the Theater Department's many plays throughout the year.

The video above depicts the Kleberg Cave, a year-long collaboration across our Arts & Music Departments, bringing to life a three-room art installation. The cave was envisioned by Upland's Director of Art, Caroline Lathan-Stiefel whose large-scale sculptural installations have appeared in museums, hotels and galleries across the country.