Y9 : 9th Grade at Upland

Why the Ninth Grade Year

How do you spot a 9th grader at Upland? They're the ones leading an all-school assembly, giving the team a pep talk before a game, and leading the discussions in student council.
The 9th grade year at Upland is a critical and rewarding year for our students because it allows them the opportunity to consolidate their academic skills, to explore their own strengths, and to mature in a caring and supportive environment. While most 9th graders are struggling at the bottom of the social heap, Upland 9th graders are given the opportunity to assume the leadership roles that most high schools reserve for their juniors and seniors. Ninth grade at Upland affords students a year as role models and leaders for an entire student body at a time when they are developmentally ready for the responsibility. By the time they graduate, they are armed with the confidence and skills they need to become active and vital members of their new communities.

Ninth grade is the culmination of an Upland education. By the end of 9th grade our students are scholars, contributing members of school teams, participants in the school’s theatrical productions, international travelers and role models for younger students. They have confidence, a strong sense of self and the foundation to build whatever future they design for themselves.