Academic Philosophy

    •A Truly Challenging Journey of Learning 

    We believe children rise to our highest expectations, thrive on meaningful challenges, and never deserve anything less. 

    • A Community of Close Connections

    We believe a sense of belonging is a powerful force. When children feel known and cared for, they're ready to be their best. 

    • A World of Big Opportunities

    We believe the range of options we offer for exploration will be reflected in the variety of talents our students discover and develop. 

    • A Multidimensional Growth Experience 

    We believe a great education means more than a great academic experience—much, much more. 

    • A Place Kids Love to Be 

    We believe happiness matters—as goal in itself, and as a precondition for children to learn and thrive. 

    • A Powerful Preparation for the Future 

    We believe you can perceive a school’s true strengths in the character and confidence of its graduates.